YES! Ask him out already


Back in olden times, fair maidens waited for chivalrous men to ask them out and  this was called “romance” (Which might sound awesome to some people, but  seems kinda one-sided.)

Today, dating is much more of an even playing  field—and both men and women are totally down with that. According to a new  survey from, of  5,000 single men and women, 65 percent of guys have been asked out by a girl and 91 percent of men are super cool with  a woman making the first move. (Um, as they should be, hello, it’s 2013.)

Women seem on board with taking the relationship reigns, too, because  the survey also found that 56 percent of vixen-type ladies reach out to a dude  following a first date  and 40 percent say they initiate sex with their  partner (which is a 14 percent increase from 2011’s results of 26 percent).

Because, seriously, why should we have to wait on a guy to call (or  more likely text) us first? And why can’t we show a guy we want to get it on  before he puts on the moves? If you like a guy, you might as well put it out  there…and if he doesn’t bite back, well, you’ve just saved yourself a whole lot  of trouble.

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