Why Do We Feel the Need to Date?


So I’ve spent the better part of my life eye-balling guys, falling in and out of love….I started pretty early because well….you know, these things tend to come early these days 🙂 . I reckon I had my first crush when I was below 10yrs, till today I still remember his honey colored eyes…hot damn! But that’s not what I want to discuss.

My preoccupation today is, why do people date? Apart from the obvious one- marriage. I’ve thought about this for years. I mean these days, 12year olds and above have boyfriends/girlfriends and we can all agree that it’s not because they want to get into each other’s pants…like we can accuse the older naughtier generation ^_^


I asked my colleagues, friends and no one has been able to come up with a concise reason. I keep hearing “companionship” and others synonyms for companionship….and when the random person said “intimacy” I was quick to ask what sort of intimacy a 12yr old may be after? And the person defensively informed me ‘kissing” is intimate as well…

Well, I’ve dwelled on this long and hard and sharing it with you guys has made me come to a complete and crystal clear conclusion… Every human beings yearns for love and complete acceptance outside their family circle… It somehow validates us and makes us feel better about ourselves, that someone who owes us absolutely no duty, especially that of love and acceptance would fight for us and work hard every day to see a smile on our lips and laughter in our eyes….herein lies the reason why people love, date and subsequently marry….We all need to feel this 8th wonder of the world.