Who is TIJAE


Many artists struggle to establish their musical identity, trying on musical styles like items of clothing, till they find what fits. Then there are those that emerge fully formed, in full command of their identity and their music. Tijae is in the second category. His new single, ‘Dancing in Heaven’, is a captivating début that heralds the arrival of a gifted and significant new talent, familiar, yet at the same time, innovative.
A Lagos boy raised in Abuja, Tijae started making music as a teenager. “I started writing songs in my head, and it took my interest in music to another level. I also started learning to make beats so I could bring my song ideas to life. I wasn’t interested in anything I was doing other than music, and I loved the ability to change people’s moods with sounds that I created.”
Whilst studying at the University of Abuja, he continued to polish his sound, consolidating his strong personal style. Entering a school wide freestyle rap battle organized by Sony Music South Africa, Tijae was crowned the best rapper in the University of Abuja. This led to bigger shows for an increasing local audience.
Tijae then hooked up with local producer Peemo, an Abuja based producer, and the two recorded several songs including ‘Ayaminja’ and ‘I’m a TV’. The songs were very well received on local radio and created a buzz around the artist. He is currently signed to the independent music label: Black House Entertainment. “Working with the Black House team has given me the freedom to be myself and to make music exactly the way I want to make it.” That freedom allowed Tijae to self-produce several songs, as well the space to experiment while making them.
In “Dancing in Heaven”, one hears that combination of melodic artistry and lyrical incisiveness that is Tijae’s hallmark. “The song captures the kind of affection I believe every human being should feel for a love interest at least once in their lifetime, but still gives you the opportunity to dance because hey, just because you’re not in a romantic place doesn’t mean you can’t dance with those who are.”
Tijae is currently working on several musical projects. He is also set to perform in shows in Abuja and Lagos within the next few months. “We are gaining momentum. With this, we’re getting exciting – there’s a lot of interesting material that I can’t wait to put out.” Tijae is playing his songs precisely the way he’s always wanted, creating fully realized singles that are the culmination of where he’s been and where he’s going. The depth and quality of his music are sure to win him the notoriety he deserves. Now im so suenre you are dieing to listen ” Dancing in Heaven” Just chill and keep a tab… soon