Wearing Turbans have now become a fashion statement.

133051b4c4cfc1f49594755c5d662bdf I’m loving theses trendy turban because if you are having a bad hair day, get a scarf and tie it up like a turban.


Let me show you how to tie your turban with these simple steps:

Step 1: Fold into a scarf into a triangle shape

Step 2:Fold the top down one more time

Step 3:Hold the triangle so the point falls over your face

Step 4:Wrap the ends tightly around the back of your head, twisting in the front

Step 5:Now pull the ends to the back and tie

Step 6:Tuck any loose ends

Step 7:Add a thin scarf around the base of the turban for more of an accent.


Here you go, now go ROCK that look!