Have you learned or perfected the art of creating the classic red lip? A fashion statement for women for decades.

red lips 10Whether its a matte red,

red lip5           red cherry glossy red or

red 5glittery shimmery red, it should be worn in pure style. Here are some tips to share with you, enjoy!

Start by putting a little foundation or some concealer over your lips using a sponge to erase the lip line and tone down your natural lip color.

A flawless red lip requires a perfectly symmetrical shape, so by erasing the natural lip line first, it’s easier to draw on your ideal shape with a lip liner,

red lipstick plus, the foundation also gives your lipstick something to grip to so it stays put and doesn’t bleed.

If you have full lips, apply your lipstick straight from the bullet.

red 1

It’s quicker and gives you a stronger, more vibrant color.

Having neutralized your natural lip color with foundation first you also end up wearing the color you actually chose, because your natural lip color always slightly alters the shade of your lipstick.

If your lips are small, use a brush to apply your lipstick and go little over the lip line. Avoid hard -angled lip brushes as they make the line the shape always keep half of the line you draw on the inside of your lip line so your pout looks fuller but not overdone. It helps to follow your natural shape.

One must not forget to take care of those lips. Oh yes its equally important, just as you care for your skin and hair, your lips need some attention too.


To always keep your lips looking luscious and plump, buff your lips before bed and slather them with some type of lip treatment. Remember to keep your lips moisturized throughout the day.