Serena Williams WINS 2013 French Open


Serena Williams WINS 2013 French Open…Continues To SLAY By Giving Speech IN FRENCH!

The last time Serena won the trophy was in 2002 when she beat her own sister, Venus, in the finals. And she’s also the last American to win the French Open.

All the extreme hard work paid off as the younger sis beat Maria 6-4, 6-4 in yesterday’s Finals in Paris on the outdoor clay courts. The second set was full of Aces and Serena slayed her way to the trophy. This makes for Serena’s second French Open title and 16th Grand Slam singles title.

And once Serena took the stage as the champion, she addressed the crowd with her “champ speech”….totally in fluent french. That french boyfriend/coach of hers and the apartment she bought years ago in Paris have clearly paid off.

Loves it. Congrats Serena!