Robbery: A means of livelihood for some Cab drivers in Abuja


Some cab drivers have devised a strategy to dispossess unsuspecting passengers who enter their vehicles, of their hard-earned money and other valuables. This terrible act has creeped into the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.  In fact, the increase in the activities of these hoodlums who pretend to be151518848 responsible cab drivers is more noticeable in the main Abuja town and it is assuming a frightening dimension. At first I thought it was only common with private cab owners until a close friend of mine was robbed and stabbed in different areas of her body by a green and white Abuja cab driver. People are no longer safe and it is really disturbing because it keeps happening everyday.

These cab drivers mostly operate at night, they carry a passenger and drive towards a lonely road, then another person who has been hiding inside the boot of the car comes out from behind the passenger’s seat and points a sharp object to the passenger’s head or neck. They both drag the belongings of the passenger and push them out of the moving vehicle leaving them with serious injuries or even worse.

My dear readers please before you enter a cab especially in Abuja ensure you do the following:

  1. Check the boot of the taxi, whether painted or unpainted to be sure there is no body inside.
  2. Sit at the passengers seat very close to the door i.e behind the driver (should in case you notice any funny movement so you can easily run out )
  3. Wind down the windows
  4. If the driver picks up his phone to receive¬† a call, make sure you pay attention to his conversation to be sure he isn’t alerting his partner on your movement
  5. Pray before you stop a cab and when you are inside the cab for God’s protection and guidance.

Please don’t take this for granted because a lot of people including myself have fallen victims of this inhuman act and also help pass this message across.