Random Musing of a Consoled Soul


Some days we wake up and we are so tired. Tired of life as we have it, tired of our car, tired of our house, tired of our job, tired of our spouses, tired of everything as we’ve known it….and we cry to God and beg and kneel in his presence and moan from sheer anguish.

We cry out to him for help, asking him to deliver us from the reality we know as life, asking and begging for answers or at least a sign to show us the right path….but He doesn’t answer, or at least we think he doesn’t answer…..but that’s us being human. When things are not big or should I say huge and it doesn’t hit us in the face full force, we feel that nothing is happening.

Look around you and see the wonders God does daily. Waking up with no pains is a number one plus, being able to move around at will is another big thing, being able to move our mouth to speak and breath in fumes from the generator-yes carbon ┬ámonoxide is another beautiful experience, the ability to feel someone step on you is something a paralytic would happily experience….yet we moan and groan under the seemingly excruciating burden of little material problems.

Life is so beautiful…every single thing is a gift, we have no right to go through life with feeling overladen with troubles….be THANKFUL “for what you do got”-in T.I’s voice. Laugh and laugh hard, live and live strong, love without thinking….because in the end, as we take in the last few lungful of oxygen before we live this world, we want to know that we have indeed EXISTED.