Shameful Deceit premièred in Manchester on 24th August 2013; there was a good turnout.

People came from far and wide to support PR Guru and Producer, Theodora Ibekwe who wore patrick Ernest design made with Ankara fabric and make up by stephy makeover . Celebrities galore turned out, including Pauline Long (Pauline Long Show and Founder Beffta Award); DJ Deoba Authentic; Heartless Carer Producers, Sibo Radebe and Francis Uwadi; Gospel singer and Pastor, JahMain King, came in from Leeds; Wale Bakare, from Bradford.

Most of the Shameful Deceit stars also travelled up, including Marie Gomez; Ikenna Obi; Eleanor Agala; Ene Oloye Gez; O’Tega Oyovbaire; Jedidah David; Associate Producer, Ayo Oyebade; our host, Kevwe Ogunje; Margaret Opara; Riyike Alayande; Florence Okonkwo; Seyi Akinosho.

It was another night of glitz and glamour beautifully photographed by the legendary Daniel Sync and Manchester based Ed O’Hene.

Credits to Theodora Ibekwe

IMG_0449Shameful_Deceit_Premiere_Daniel Sync PHOTOS - 3 IMG_0451Shameful_Deceit_Premiere_Daniel Sync PHOTOS - 4 IMG_0489Shameful_Deceit_Daniel Sync PHOTOS IMG_0495Shameful_Deceit_Daniel Sync PHOTOS IMG_0498Shameful_Deceit_Daniel Sync PHOTOS IMG_0506Shameful_Deceit_Daniel Sync PHOTOS IMG_0507Shameful_Deceit_Daniel Sync PHOTOS IMG_0529Shameful_Deceit_Daniel Sync PHOTOS IMG_0533Shameful_Deceit_Daniel Sync PHOTOS IMG_0540Shameful_Deceit_Daniel Sync PHOTOS IMG_0542Shameful_Deceit_Daniel Sync PHOTOS IMG_0548Shameful_Deceit_Daniel Sync PHOTOS IMG_0551Shameful_Deceit_Daniel Sync PHOTOS IMG_0560Shameful_Deceit_Daniel Sync PHOTOS IMG_0600Shameful_Deceit_Premiere_Daniel Sync PHOTOS - 5 IMG_0627Shameful_Deceit_Daniel Sync PHOTOS IMG_0636Shameful_Deceit_Daniel Sync PHOTOS IMG_0656Shameful_Deceit_Daniel Sync PHOTOS IMG_0665Shameful_Deceit_Daniel Sync PHOTOS IMG_0677Shameful_Deceit_Daniel Sync PHOTOS IMG_0689Shameful_Deceit_Daniel Sync PHOTOS IMG_0698Shameful_Deceit_Daniel Sync PHOTOS IMG_0709Shameful_Deceit_Daniel Sync PHOTOS IMG_0717Shameful_Deceit_Daniel Sync PHOTOS Mancs 1240578_10201180346583132_506924786_n

Photos by:
Daniel Sync/ Sync PHOTOS