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I call this post Peplum-ized (culled from the word “traumatized”; get it? :)) because this trend has practically taken over our fashion reality… Yes o !( at your raised eyebrow)!

But really, look around and you’ll see peplum skirts, peplum blouses, peplum dresses, peplum pants, peplum jackets, peplum jumpsuits, peplum leggings, peplum shoes (yes,peplum shoes), peplum scarfs, peplum sunshades, peplum panties…..just joking but really, lots of peplum inspired apparels….

I have actually NOT been drawn in by the peplum trend especially the dresses and skirts, but I do confess to having a soft spot for the blouses….mainly because of how it accentuates the waist and its lovely fluffed blousy finish.

Currently though, I confess to being OBSESSED with the peplum belt. Why you ask? Simple! Because I’m a cheapskate…there, I said it I feel better.  With the peplum belt I don’t need to buy a peplum skirt, jumpsuit, leggings, blouse, pants or even the jacket, because I can always transform (this word reminds me of my beloved Vampire Diaries 🙂 ) any plain item I have into peplum!!! And of course, being the bargain hunting genius that I am, I researched and found a DIY on the peplum belt, so go get or it DIY ladies!!! Let’s peplum!!! (Did you just say my joke is lame?) 🙁

DIY pelum belt-

Anyhoo, what do y’all think of the peplum trend?? Overrated or synonymous with a baby oku?