Meet #Smoky


#BabyOku: Please, let’s meet you..
Smoky:”Hi I’m john, a graduate from university of #abuja, Studied law to be precise. I’m a fun loving person but not the kind of fun you think you know .. I’m an introvert, I love to watch tv and learn a lot now that’s my kind of fun… Meeting people too can be considered part of that too … I’m a positivist and a naturalist “what ever will be ..will be” I don’t push things too much ..if it doesn’t work I move on … I love listening to people and never judgemental probably why I chose to study law..
Besides law I will love to be a tv host and a model just like ryan seacrest …would love to get people entertained and educated probably my own way of giving back what I have been taught.
I like eating … My favourite food is eba and egusi but then that’s just part of it … I have other favourites too..won’t say much about that cos that’s the key to my heart only my mom knows that hahahah …
I like having brilliant and successful people around … The truth is who wouldn’t …
Any ways I thank God for my life right now, where I am and the people I have innit”

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