Make your relationship come alive……


Don’t you always wonder why relationships are fun in the beginning & then it feels like something isn’t there anymore later on?

It’s because someone stopped doing what they did to get you & now that you’re theirs They feel like they don’t have to try as hard They feel like they don’t have to do as much Before,they used to pay attention to you Text you all the time Reply back quick Be on the phone for hours Have so much to say Always doing this & that for you when you don’t even ask them to Be all over you & now They keep their hands to themselves They ran out of things to talk about Conversations go dead Not making you feel like you’re wanted by them & that’s when you guys start drifting

If you want your relationship to last longer Never stop dating each other Never stop doing the things that made your partner fall in love with you Be friendly Be creative Invest in your relationship Maintain the communication Be open to each Be God fearing Trust each other Always forgive and forget Be patient to your partner Be faithful Be understanding Keep your friends and family out of your relationship Avoid exposing your relationship (problems) on social networks Never stop caring about each other Avoid listening to rumours Sacrifice for your relationship Respect your partner Be a good listener Be very appreciativeā€¦