Is It Love Or Lust? Ways To Tell


1. You like being around him

When you’re together, you’re on cloud nine. You enjoy spending time together and you crave his company. Being around him makes you happy, even if you’re just sitting at home on the couch watching a movie. Your time together is valuable. When you just love spending time together, you’re more likely to be in love than lust.

2. Time isn’t so important

You spend time with him when it’s convenient for you. When you do spend time together it’s just whatever. There’s no substance behind the time you spend together, and if anything you’re only in it for the physicality of it all. While you may enjoy time with him, you don’t enjoy it for the right reasons. Smells like lust.

3. You listen when he talks

When you two are at dinner or at home having a conversation, you’re tuned in 100%. You take in all of his words, thoughts, and feelings. You digest them and you take them into consideration. When you really care about a man, you’ll notice that you become a great listener and communicator.

4. You could care less about his emotions and thoughts

When he talks about his day or a recent rough patch that he’s hit, your ears and mind quickly go elsewhere. When he talks about things aside from you and other time you spend together, you’re just completely uninterested. You don’t make effort to communicate with him or listen to what he has to say because you’re more than likely in lust.

5. You feel other things for him

Love and lust are both emotions but when you’re in lust, there’s an absence of other emotions. When you’re in love you care about the guy you’re with. You worry about his safety and you start trusting and confiding in him. When other emotions begin to take center stage, love is in the air.

6. Constant communication

You love to keep in touch with him. You find yourself texting or emailing him throughout the day in order to check up on him and see how things are going. Staying in constant communication with him during the day is extremely important to you. Talking to him really makes your day.

7. Talking isn’t that essential

You talk to him when it’s convenient with him. Going without talking for a couple days or even a week is no big deal to you. You like seeing him but it’s not extremely important to you at the end of the day. You don’t reach out to him to talk to him throughout the day. You’re simply in lust.

8. You’ve introduced him to everyone

Your friends know who he is. You’ve not only talked to your friends about him, but you’ve also introduced your group of friends to him, guys and girls included. You’ve maybe even introduced him to your family members. When you have taken the time to introduce your man to your friends, it shows that you care and lust isn’t in the picture.