1. Prime your eyelid by applying your foundation to form a base for makeup to stick.

2. Use a black eyeshadow to draw a line with your eyeliner brush across your upper and lower lash lines.

3. Sweep the whole eyelid from your crease  downwards with a medium shadow color like browns, blue, purple.

4. Use the lightest color in your palette like earthy tones above the crease and up to the brow bone to highlight.

5. Sweep a light shadow around the corners of your eyes to make them seem larger.

6. Use a concealer to dab under your lower lashes to offset dark circles.

7. Use a dark brown pencil or shadow for fair skinned people and black pencil for dark skinned people . Trace on the lower lid and smudge with your finger or a cotton swab for a blurred smoky effect.

8. Lastly apply the darkest amplified black mascara you can find.

So all you babyoku’s  need to Rock this look.