Guys Only.


I have been waiting for so long, for this moment to come, been asking my self what this girls are up to.. I keep seeing updates on bbm 15 cm , 17 cm, 20 cm etc. I have asked all the girls around even my own sisters won’t tell me what this madness is all about.
Guys, this girls have been deceiving us, cheating and having fun under our noses but today is judgement day. Imagine a girl having 22cm on pm… it’s okay if they have 23cm i mean, that will be okay. The truth is i can’t hide this from my guys. Ladies you have to pardon me, mine is 45ft not even cm if only you know what that means . I’m very sure the guys will do hahaha. I’m laughing in french language.
Guys, this is the origin.. Read up!
“Ladies lets have a little fun with the status and make the guys really confused because they hate it when women start putting similar status on and they have no idea what were talking about”.
The idea is you put how many cms depending on your mood:
12cm = completely crazy
13cm = Sleepy
14cm = bored at home or at work
15cm = Party time
16cm = missing my ex
17cm = really happy
18cm = studying or working
19cm = I’m stupidly in love
20cm = Sexually satisfied
21cm = in love with the wrong man
22cm = with my boyfriend but in love with somebody else
23cm = want sex
24cm = really happy with my love
* the idea is that you put mmmm….. in front of the cms example: mmmmm…… 18cm
join in the fun and send to your closeest gurlz. :* .PASTE IT …… On υя wall as υя status plsssss…

Please pass this on guys lets have our own fun…