Yes! I will keep writing about this sexy singer #Gina. I love her spirit. Young inspiring artiste Regina Abiola aka #GINA, is from Ogun State Nigeria. She graduated from the University of Abuja, and has several philanthropic projects spread across Nigeria. She loves and appreciates. In her words, “Music is my pressure burner, besides writing, music is the only thing that keeps me relaxed and in a peaceful state”.
Regardless, she never saw herself recording any works. As a result she stuck to writing lyrics “singing in the shower and to friends”. Until last year when her friends and family got her to get into the the studio. She emerged as the most sensational new comer in the country. The experience turned out to be a good one and a boost of her confidence. She has since set out to find out what Music has for her working with a young talented producer  who would later  produced her upcoming works including the smash hit single Tele e’.
She wants her work to be able to relate with people and Everyday life.“When they listen to my music I want them to nod their heads and say that’s true! after all they say music is food to the soul”. She also hopes to promote .
In recent times, GINA has collaborated with other notable stars including female Rapper ZEE in the song My 9ja Bobo. In it’s first week of release, the song got over 45,000 downloads worldwide. She became an instant hit and most sought after artiste in Abuja and some states in Nigeria.
A fortnight ago, She traveled to South Africa to shoot a video with one of Africas finest video directors. She is currently in Lagos to shoot another video and tour the entire Lagos media landscape.
GINA is just starting and she’s showing no signs of stopping. Download tele by Gina http://www.hulkshare.com/3twhnzwf1d34
I call her Sexy Gina, she’s my definition of sexy. Babyoku or Not? Let the vote start now!image_00022image_00001image_00009image_00005image_00002