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Matching makeup to your skin tone is a tricky business. The perfect base foundation should even up the skin and highlight its natural radiance . Olive skin and dark skin naturally glows and rarely requires much concealer. It is important not to get stuck using same makeup for a whole year because your skin changes with the season and can be either dry or oily. It also gets slightly darker in the hot season because of the sun rays and paler during harmattan and rainy season. When its sunny the face and neck can be different colors where the sun catches the face rather than the neck. So it is a good idea to match the foundation to the neck or add a bronzer to even up the skin after you have finished your makeup application.



Dark Skin Tones:

Black skin has  a tendency to become dull, grey and ashy-looking with the wrong foundation. It is also very rare for black or dual heritage skin to be uniform all over – darker forehead, lighter cheekbones and so on. Concealer should only be used if there are imperfections like scars, acne and large pores. It is extremely important to apply powder over foundation to set it and stop shine, rather than apply a heavy foundation. Other ways to limit shine are to use an oil-free primer before adding foundation and applying foundation with  a brush or sponge instead of your fingers. For dark skins, foundation should be somewhere between the natural skin color  and half a shade above or below.