FIND YOUR PHOBIA: part 2 (common phobias in women)



This is the continuation of my last post were i explained the categories,symptoms and causes of phobia #findyourphobia

Claustrophobia – a fear of being in small spaces. This phobia is said to be brought on by being trapped in a small space as a child or adult. If you experience this to a point where you feel panic being on small planes or other small spaces, there are a variety of therapies available to help like exposure therapy or medication so don’t suffer in silence!

Arachnaphobia– which is the fear of spiders and other arachnids like scorpions.

Ophidiophobia- which is a subcategory of herpetophobia, a fear of reptiles, is one of the most common phobias women have. The good news is that ophidiophobia has a good chance for successful treatment so it’s definitely worth looking in to!

Glossophobia– which is the fear of public speaking.

Eisoptrophobia- fear of mirrors

Homophobia– fear of blood

Apaphobia– fear of bees

Coulrophobia– fear of clowns

Alektorophobia– fear of chickens

Mysophobia – fear of contamination and germs

WHEN TO SEEK HELP– If the phobia is of something the phobic person very rarely comes into contact with, such as snakes, their daily lives will not be affected. But if avoidance of the object, activity, or situation that triggers your phobia interferes with your normal functioning or keeps you from doing things you would otherwise enjoy, it’s time to seek help. And there are some complex phobias that are impossible to avoid, like agoraphobia (fear of leaving home or public places) or social phobia (fear of being among groups of people). If you fall under that category then you should seek help, so that your daily life won’t be ruined or restricted unnecessarily.

So find your phobia, and get help!!!! and if you don’t know how to get help, leave a comment and I’d definitely give you some help