Important notice : your boyfriend, husband or whatever it is you call the man in your life is a Human being! first, and then your boyfriend, so he has feelings too, he has limits for things he can tolerate, so please lets try and keep our “shakara” under control

Don’t give him the cold shoulder. :
i mean you guys are in a relationship, which means your working towards something, most likely marriage so why put up a “stonewall” when you could just talk it out. why keep the unnecessary distance when you like him, he likes you, and you want to be happy WITH him. its very understandable that you would want space, but let him know THAT.  your emotions might not die down as quickly as his, so its important that you let him in on that bit of information. you could just say “iv heard all you have to say, just gimme some time, or you could pout (lol it works) and say “no i need some more pampering” lol

Forgive and forget!!

Yes ladies, if you told him its ok, then it should be OK , don’t keep his words in your arsenal, stop keeping what he said during a fight to use to use against him later on .

Don’t just say, “I’m sorry” if he’s still hurt
We ladies like to be begged and begged before we let go off an issue, but when it comes to “returning the favour” we slack, we just expect to say “sorry” and automatically he’d let go of whatever it is that caused the fight. well NEWS FLASH!! your dating a HUMAN not a ROBOT! so please when apologizing indicate what it is your sorry for e.g “im sorry for….”

Don’t make excuses for why you fought
Fights are about passing information and trying to understand. If you’re angry, sad or hurt, that’s information your boyfriend/husband needs to know. The next time you have a bad day at home/work, or get into a rut with someone else “warn him before you get home or see him.

Don’t walk away if he re-approaches the argument: 

I cannot over emphasize how bad a habit this is, walking out is never the answer!!! its rude, its provoking and you dont want you children to see you doing that to your husband.

Learn to get over it.

If the fight is over then get over it, don’t be a “dweller”, if however you still want to talk about it, then let him know, but note! its just talking not fighting.

Don’t have makeup sex if you’re not feeling it

Its not a crime if you don’t want to. Just because the fight is over doesn’t mean that you MUST . Just let your partner know that you aren’t feeling it and let him know why. Once again communication is key.


Don’t focus on what caused the fight : Focus on the solution! not the cause.