Eyebrow SOS: Correct way to do your eyebrows..



Everyone does it…overpluck, underpluck, super-rounded arch, no arch, shorten it, or even keep it too long! You know what I am talking about…eyebrows!!
These are the simplest things but an unfitting-shaped eyebrow on the face can not only draw the wrong kind of attention, but completely throw off the other beautiful features on your face! How many times do you see a beautiful/handsome woman or man that has the perfect face shape, lips, nose, eyes but then….. bam! Those eyebrows just throw everything off!! This is a little guide to getting the best shaped eyebrows and some tips for filling them in if you need a little help!
Eyebrows have a lot to do with face shape, so to make it easier, you can look at this picture and the shape that suits your face.

From the corner of your nostrel (right corner for right eye and left corner for left eye), draw an imaginary line straight up, then one diagonal that crosses just on the far side of your iris while looking straight, then one diagonal from the outside corner of the eye. These should be your three points of reference. The line straight up is where the eyebrows should begin, the second point is where the peak should be, and the third point is where the eyebrow should end. Also, please don’t mess with the thickness of the brow! Only pluck underneath the peak and the ending portion of the brow. Then in filling it in, use this picture as a guide. Always remember that less is more.


So there you have it ladies, nobody has an excuse to have the nike sign as eyebrows anymore!! Let’s spread the love….love and light!!