This is becoming the most flattering shape for lining eyes. Some call it the eye liner flick while others simply refer to it as Cat eyes. Whatever you wish to call it, most important thing is how to achieve the look perfectly. How can you achieve this?

eyeliner 2

First thing to look out for is the best texture you can work with.


First choose the texture carefully.


Liquid liner is the hardest to apply as it’s wet and reveals mistakes, but it’s the best to use if you want a good sharp line.eyeliner 6

Felt tip liner is easier as it’s not as intense and you can create a thin line too.

eyeliner 3

Pencils are fool proof and you can smudge them for a less drastic line.

eyeliner 5

The thin angled brush also helps you apply liquid liner.

eyeliner 4



Now decide where you want your eyeliner flick to finish, then place a small dot as a guide. Make sure your dots are symmetrical on each side.

Start your application from the middle of the eye, ensuring there’s no gap between your line and your lashes, then draw upwards to the dot.

To erase any mistakes done by unsteady hands dip a cotton bud in make-up remover correct it. Now you can finish by applying the liner into the top inside rim, under your top lash line, and fill in between the lashes.