This season sees the great return of everything pointed…ehmm I meant everything pointed feet-wise, LOL!

So…pointees, yes…Pointed toe shoes (pointees) are a must have this season as they give any and every outfit that desired classic finish and of course that 90s feel which is the rage right now. Do y’all remember the pointed toes of the recent past Nigerians nicknamed “I swear to God”? My country people are creative, I tell you!

Anyhoo, this season’s pointee has a more refined finish to it, it does not  have the boat shape the previous one had which made it EXTREMELY(in my fashion corner) undesirable. I have a complete wish list of the pointees I desire and I’m going to share it with y’all below.

Another trend I want us to acknowledge is the return of midi heels and kitten heels…gone are the days when the general rule of heels is the higher the better. This season, fashionistas are re-introduced to midi heels and kitten heels which can be just as classy, polished, sophisticated and equally provide the perfect finishing to our outfits as the higher heels can… I particularly love this trend because it is health-friendly plus it’ll take you from work to after hours without you needing to change.

So what do y’all think? Must baby okus still climb on 6 inch shoes to look “take away” or can we style with midi heels/kitten pumps and still look fab?