Blue is one of the few colours that can be wore at any season and that actually never goes out of fashion. I love the glamor that this colour holds and how can make any girl look and feel like a princess when wearing it.

Today, I want to share with you all, some of the best hijab dresses in blue colour that are not only elegant, but breathtaking!

There are many ways to make a blue colour stand out of the crowd and that is by having it decorated with rhinestones, or adding a golden belt, wearing a fur jacket with it?

As about hijab colours that match with classy blue dresses, I would say wearing the same dress & hijab colour is a great choice when you don’t know how to match them together or you want to keep the whole outfit in one colour but you can wear a white hijab as well.

If your dress is not too elegant, you can wear a blue printed hijab with it; for more, please have a look at this gorgeous collection of blue classy dresses


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CULLED from ‘My Hijab” fashion inspiration