I Started my music career at a very tender age. I was at the university of Benin where i studied theater Arts.  My mother was a singer then and would take me with her to the recording studio and during her performance with her music group.101a27b0-ea79-11e3-8745-22000aa7091d-medium6303ca62-ea79-11e3-b019-22000ab31218-small I was discovered by the late pastor Finn Okonjo at NTA Benin in the 80’s. Featured on the weekly music panorama. i also did some acting with emma edokpayi on bendel playhouse benin. i was later signed on by benjof management in benin where i did some modelling and started doing back-up singing for some artists. i met majek fasek in benin but did not start working with him until i relocated to Lagos, where i did lots of background vocals for singers like, majek Fashek, stella mouger, ras kimono , and cameo apperance in okori’s omoge video. I also went on tours with majek all over Nigeria and america.385330be-ea79-11e3-b344-22000aa7091d-small  I had to abandon my degree course at the university of Benin because at the age of 23 i went to the states where i met my lovely husband, we got married and we are blessed with 3 wonderful children. i latter went further to study nursing in California. i love God with all my heart. He has always been with me and my family and made ways for me. i gave myself to God so He could use me as He pleases. I am born again and l have dedicated my life to God . i was created to praise and worship God and that’s exactly what am doing. Download, Listen And Share This Gospel. [wpdm_file id=2]