chains are one of the best DIY  materials you could have, because it can be used in so many ways  and make a significant different in whatever your trying to re-invent, from spicing up an old tee shirt or making a necklace or bangle OR like i’m about to show you for spicing up your sandals which also cover up those peeling spots… thank me later!! lol

STAGE 1: Start by measuring how much chain you will need for each surface and then separate the amount you’d need from the chain link by using pliers to open the chain at the desired link

.chian plier

STAGE 2: Thread your needle like you would when you want to sew a tear in your dress (basically thread it and tie a knot at the end). Lay the chain on top of the surface and sew the end of the chain to the end of the surface. Sew through the surface preferably leather and back around again till your satisfied.


STAGE 3: Once one end is attached, cover the underside in glue and press it down onto the surface.

STAGE 4: And finally sew the other end of the chain down, do the same for the other sandals or footwear and leave overnight to dry

pair of sandals