Davido is Single And Not Searching..


The Aye crooner made it clear that he is single and not even searching.  According to him , he isn’t mixing music and women. He also squashed rumors he buys songs.If you recall, he was rumored to have paid 500,000 for Gobe and paid for Aye too..He told the Nigerian Tribune

“Nah! Not once has the thought crossed my mind. I am not thinking about that just yet my brothers. Settle down? Now? No, no, not now. I am enjoying music right now. Forget about woman for now, ask me about music.

Right now, I am focusing on my music. I don’t want to mix my career with women now. They are two diferent things that you must handle separately and carefully. I am single and I am not even searching. I don’t know about dedicating the song to anybody because it was just a song.never said that nor implied that. What I am just saying is that I am concentrating on my music for now, but then I’m not ruling out women absolutely. I am just waiting for the right time when I will be able to create enough time for that special one. For now, I am dedicating all my time to music and I want to push it to a very meaningful level with the help of God and the support of my record label.