BBA Update: LK4 & Koketso OUT!!!


The second eviction show of the Big Brother Africa “The Chase” reality show Sunday night saw two lovebirds pack their bags home.
Ugandan LK4, South African Koketso, Namibian Dillish, Tanzanian Feza, and Zimbabwean Hakeem had their heads on the chopping block after last Monday’s nomination session.
Out of the five, lovers LK4 and Koketso were unlucky as they were showed the exit door two weeks into the show.
Sunday’s eviction show started with an impressive performance from female music sensation Victoria Kimani. After that performance, IK, host of the show, revealed to the housemates the existence of a fake third house – Emerald House.
The revelation of that fake third house got the housemates puzzled with many concluding that some of the evicted housemates may have found their way there.
When IK got down to the business of the day, Betty, Head of House of the Diamond house, was called upon to reveal who she saved and who she swapped.
Betty, disclosed that she saved her sweetheart Bolt and replaced him with her ‘arch enemy’ Feza. Selly, Head of House in the Rubies House, also revealed that she saved Biguesas and replaced him with Koketso.
LK4 became the third housemate to be evicted from this season’s show. On stage, LK4 was asked about an advise he alleged his mother gave him that he should get close housemates from two countries – Nigeria and South Africa.
He explained that “It was a strategy but later emotions took over,” leading to him having affections for Koketso.
Just when LK4 thought he was leaving his lover behind, IK announced that the fourth housemate to exit the show was Koketso.
When Kotetso emerged on stage, IK posed the all important question – Will their relationship last outside the Big Brother House – at her. She quickly answered: “I don’t know IK, we will see.”
LK4, with Koketso by his side, revealed that although he entered the show because of the US$300,000 prize money, he is satisfied with Kotetso, his new prize money.
Africa now waits to see if LK4 and Koketso’s love is truly one that will last outside the Big Brother House.
This is how Africa voted:
Angola: Koketso Botswana: Hakeem Ghana: Feza Kenya: Hakeem Ethiopia: Dillish Malawi: Hakeem Namibia: Dillish Nigeria: Dillish South Africa: Koketso Sierra Leone: Feza Tanzania: Feza Uganda: LK4 Zambia: Hakeem Zimbabwe: Hakeem Rest of Africa: Hakeem
Hakeem = 6; Feza = 3; Dillish =3, Koketso = 2, LK4 = 1 (Total: 15 Votes)