Baby Oku Of The Day: OGE EBEDE


Abuja-20130426-01930Ogechukwu Ebede is a graduate of sociology from the University of Abuja,back in school she use to work a representative for REDBULL. She is presently the manager of VANILLA RESTAURANT ABUJA which is actually one of the best restaurants in the city of Abuja. She enjoys gospel music and dislikes fake people,call her a dreamer if you want but this Anambra beauty has dreams of becoming the CEO of a multi billion dollar empire….*go girl* Infact she wants to be the Condolisa Rice of Nigeria. I love the fact that Oge knows what she wants and won’t stop at nothing until she achieves it, she is indeed a BABY OKU material.           IMG-20130405-01761                                                                                                                                                                                                                      IMG-20130331-01698