#Babyoku EzenwaChioma


I met this beautiful lady just once and I must confess I LOVE her positive vibes. She appears to be a confident and cheerful lady. I remember when Mr Ejiro (MBGA) Introduced her to me on her birthday.  I said to my self “This girl is beautiful” I remember her saying” Hello Prince, Thanks for coming ” Lol , i am so carried away by her beauty and charm that i have almost forgotten to introduce her to you….hehe

Her name is Ezenwa, Chioma (A.K.A Eva Diva) She’s a model, former Most Beautiful Girl In Abuja 2010/2011 currently a student of Philosophy @Unibuja. She loves reading and watching news channels.


Eva Diva;;)(Dolitos clothing) we think fashion......tIMG_0661IMG_0370z