Are Nigerians disappointed in Beverly Osu’s behaviour in the BBA house?


Beverly Osu the Nigerian representative for Big Brother Africa has heavily been criticized for having sex with her lover Angelo Collins twice, within 24 hours. Alot of Nigerians are very disappointed at her wondering why she couldn’t exercise some patience instead of doing it in a house full of live camera. Well at least she has broken the record of being the first Nigerian to have sex in the  Big Brother house….such an achievement *in my sarcastic tone*

Those who took to social media expressed how disappointed they are at Beverly, A Facebook user, Peter Francis, wrote, “She is a disgrace to Nigeria, she couldn’t keep her pants on for the sake of dignity. She has portrayed the image of Nigerian girls as being wayward.”

Some people even went as far as transferring their aggressions to TV personality and Channel O presenter Denrele Edun.
Reason being that Denrele Edun supposedly got Beverly on the Big Brother Africa reality show just as he ‘helped’ Goldie and Karen Igho…..Which in my opinion is VERY LAME, Goldie and Karen didn’t have sex in the house besides is he a wizard to know what Beverly would have eventually done in the BBA  House?

The tweets are really mean, see them below:





There are so many of them….lol