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HOW TO START YOUR ONLINE BUSINESS….be independent, be strong!

Our current reality in Nigeria ensures that not everyone can access the much desired white collar 9-5 jobs and that is why entrepreneurial awareness is on the increase in our beloved country. So although small businesses have become somewhat of a necessity in countries such as Nigeria, in more developed nations businesses are started as a personal option, but I digress.

Business startup is known to come with a lot of anxiety over where to source for capital which is needed to rent an office space, hiring staff and other miscellaneous things….but a birdie just told me about another platform that won’t cost an arm and foot to establish a business upon.

So ladies and gentlemen….I introduce you to ONLINE BUSINESS. The advantages of an online business cannot be understated…ranging from the low cost of starting it to actually running it. New technologies have been developed on this platform which can actually help business owners connect to potential buyers/investors worldwide. And the obvious advantage of course…which is the fact that we are sitting right on the brink of the internet explosion right here in Nigeria.

A lot of people are beginning to make search engine/online platforms their companions when it comes to searching for products/services that before this had been advertised by word of mouth and generally on non-electronic platforms, so it can be conclusively said that an online business is the best way to go about starting a small business.

There are absolutely no formal requirement to starting an online business as opposed to the conventional method of business. So if you don’t have enough capital for the conventional method of business, then simply have your website designed and start your business online. With time when profits starts to roll in, you can register your business with the CAC.

There are several business you can start online such as:

  1. Affiliate Marketing
  2. Blogging
  3.  Information Products
  4. E- Commerce
  5.  Sell You Creative Arts, Crafts & Indie Products
  6. Internet Research Business
  7. Freelance Writing
  8. WordPress Consulting and Design
  9. Coaching/ Consulting
  10. VA (Virtual Assistant)
  11. Web Hosting Reseller Business
  12. Print-on-demand Company on the web.

Keep in mind that any form of business whether online/offline needs to be nurtured to attain growth. Just the same way you plant a seed of corn and give it some time to grow, so it is with business; so don’t go off planning on popping a truckload of Dom Perignon within two weeks of starting a business….because you WILL be in a truckload of DEBT.J

And did I tell you advertising your online business is like the sweetest and cheapest thing ever? You will be able to advertise on your website, blog, social platforms (facebook, twitter etc etc) all completely free!

So this begins my “online business” series. Follow this blog as I come back every week to explain in details the various online businesses I listed above….. student, employed or unemployed…everyone is always looking for a legitimate means to make more money, so stay tuned….this WILL change your life.

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