50 Shades of Grey **wink wink**


For the easily offended, I mean no harm….but I came across this humorous image while surfing the web and to say it’s hilarious is completely understating it!!

I’ll be the first to say it, I read 50 shades of Grey and I absolutely fell in love with Christian Grey (an absolutely fantabulously perfect male god-in my imagination! 🙂 ) Anyhoo, what I do NOT understand is why people think that this beautiful work of arts is “mummy” porn as it’s  been referred to. C’mon people! This is an educative, yet romantic piece of art that gives us a glimpse of the “why-s” behind some people’s disturbing sexual depravity.

I think it is a book that teaches us to be patient  in love…if someone says “I love you”, it should equally mean that you’re willing to deal with the said person’s less desirable trait and if possible help the person become better human being.

For me 50 shades of Grey was a very interesting read, along with its sequels but yeah, I definitely will not be handing the book to anyone below 21.

Something still disturbs me though, and saying it would almost seem as though I agree with the anti-50 Shades group…but I’ll still say my piece….I really do not understand why 50 shades of Grey was so popular amongst the women folk, especially as most would run very fast in the opposite direction if half of the things done in that book was done to them. Why then does it appeal so much to us that we go to the book stores and community libraries to buy and borrow it…or is there an innate desire in women to dominated?

Alright! Reverie over…what do y’all think of the book?