How you’ll handle fights – this is key as you don’t want to carry different habits on handling fights into your house. check out my post on “Fighting with le boo” for more on this. However, it’s ok to disagree on: The little things, fights are inevitable,like colour of the house or type of door, chores, and typical fights like that.

Conversation about Kids – this is very crucial, you want to know whether or not your spouse to be wants kids, how many,what gender is most preferred (and pray towards the last especially in africa) lol, and how he/she plans to raise them. However, its ok to disagree on: How many kids and gender you think you want right now.

Money and your careers – like the popular Nigerian saying goes “Man must chop” you need to know what the main source of income is, how it would be allocated to different things especially food and shelter. and share your career plans, so it can be adjusted to suit your new lives together. However its ok to disagree on: How many hours you should be pulling at work right now.But maybe they agree that getting financially stable is more important in the long run

Religion and values – this is very important, as religion holds values that people regard as absolute truths so talk about your faith, and see how it affects your  lives right now. However its ohk to disagree on: Issues with your in-laws and how many times a week you’d go to the church or mosque

Your limits and your bucket lists – you both need to know what and what you can’t take and handle, what puts you off . Basically things you can’t tolerate. And the things you both want to achieve before you die However its ok to disagree on: Your hobbies and pastimes.