Today, I introduce you Baby Okus to… CULOTTES!

Culottes are full shorts and trousers that look like skirts, till you-drumrolls please- part your legs! lol! The reason why I really like it is because its such a mischievous piece of clothing and it completely complements my personality…hehehehehe…

I love love Culottes because they are different and when you find a fab piece of it, with a lovely print/color? Girl, you gon be working it! I’ve had a pair of Culottes since 2011, which is when it made its great come back into the fashion scene, but sadly I’ve worn it just once 🙁 and this is largely due to the fact that I worked in the banking industry for over a year and una know how Naija banking sector dey like form serious suit tinz (especially the one I worked in)!

Anyhoo, last week I found three perfect Culottes when I went shopping and needless to say, I snapped them all up *wink wink.

So today, I’m introducing us Naija fashionistas to Culottes…dare to look different from everyone else? Make a statement…at work, leisure times, church (hmmm…I should totally wear it to church…hehehhehe) and anywhere else you please!

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QUICK FACT: Do you know I thoroughly searched the internet for a picture of a colored girl wearing culottes and I couldn’t find even ONE? strange!! And I’ve only seen just ONE lady in Abuja wearing culottes…weird!!! Let’s break the jinx babes, make a fashion statement today with Culottes!