10 Reasons why you’re still single

  1. Your Attitude-

I’m sure you all know the importance of the attitude a person has, and the impact it can, that’s why some of you put up “an attitude” thinking that’s the solution to finding MR RIGHT, well unfortunately, MR RIGHT isn’t looking for “mrs I’m b**chy” “MRS attitude” or “MRS stuckup, don’t mess with me #diva” “MRS I’m just naturally authoritative” this is real life! Not a show, MR right is looking for take home to mama, humble, straight forward, adorable and responsible…the list goes on, but you know what I’m talking about. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you should completely change yourself for a guy, yes you should find someone that loves you for you, however you have to be sure that “you” are on point, you manners, appearance etc, and show him how responsible you are and they want to know that they can trust you with their lives and the lives of the children you will both have.

2 You Blame Men For Everything

Every wise man (this of course includes women) takes responsibility for his actions.. And “inaction” (I like to add that last part). Yes men are “wicked”, “everything bad”, but your no saint either! And besides your still praying to God for a man so stop being a man-hater and blaming them for every wrong that happens, and also! Stop waiting for them to “act right” before you do, because you might end up wasting your time, when you could just “act right” ask  him “wsup” (whether or not he’s serious) if he’s not stepping up, and move on…or hopefully stay if he steps up. Two wrongs don’t make a right!

3 Looks Will Only Carry You So Far, Not All The Way.

Yes your pretty, nice body, fresh skin, and good dentition…what next? It’s not like you’re the only one in the world with such physical characteristics, so stop thinking that your looks would be enough to keep a man, the way we all want them kept, it certainly would be enough to attract him, but that’s as far as it goes. After attraction, it’s the quality of your personality that keeps a man. Beauty and brains remember! So work on that.

4 Your Looking For a Maga aka You Are A Gold Digger

There are different levels of this, but, you know you need help, or need to change when nothing else but his earnings is top priority, the core values in a relationship is neglected. Or when you don’t even venture into the relationship because he doesn’t live in Lekki, Maitama, Texas…YET. Who made you Lord over their destinies, who is to say in the next two or three years he won’t own houses in those places, and the ones that have now become bankrupt. You have to be able to recognize potential, potential is much more valuable, and secure to have. Once there’s potential for greatness, all you need is patience. Guys can notice gold diggers so change!

5 You Don’t Keep Yourself Up

Stop taking the #teamnatural to far, yes you should let your natural beauty shine. But you shouldn’t do this every time, you’re meant to be a sight to brighten his day. So stop looking like you just rolled out of bed every time, and say “I want him to love him for me” if that’s the case, then you should even fall into the category above. You should put some effort into how you look, styles differ but good hygiene and health shouldn’t be compromised. Most of us want our woman to look good.

6 You’ve been Hurt

Learn to let go of the past, don’t let it rule your present, and possibly ruin your future. Yes it’s good to have your guard up but it shouldn’t be up forever, know when to let it down, before you block your blessings in the process. You might have been hurt in a previous relationship or abused in some way. I understand how difficult it can be to move on from these things, but if you are ever to move in the right direction as well as into a new healthy relationship, you must begin with forgiveness. Start the process of letting the pain go and watch how things improve.

7 You entertain the “wrong guy”

You know at the end of the day, you’re not going to marry this guy, yet you tolerate everything, you commit yourself, you give him all the benefits meant for the right guy. You do all these whether or not he’s reciprocating. This is wrong, you can’t expect to have the wrong guy by your side, and hope that the right guy would come and rescue you, or sweep you off your feet, or that you would even find the time to attract the right guy. If you want a tangible relationship then don not allow this guy (single or taken) to steal your time and effort, without giving in return. Don’t sell yourself short, you might end up in a worse emotional state than you were before

8 You Want To Eat Your Cake and Have it “Single Life”

You can’t eat your cake and have it, so if you’re enjoying the single life (going out on different dates) then enjoy that, good for you, but you can’t do all that and expect to find a serious guy, because living that life, gives the impression that you not ready to settle down either, and that is what the men would see, so when HE is ready to settle down, he won’t come looking for you. So make sure the “I love my single life” is not a pretense. I’m not saying you should go all “I need a man, help” just don’t pretend if that’s not what you want.

9 No “positive energy”

You know the popular saying “bitch don’t kill my vibe” this is a guy’s mantra when he see a lady with negative energy. This is quite different from having attitude problems. In this case, you’re just not a source of joy, you don’t exude confidence, and optimism. This positive energy comes from within, so try to keep it under control we all have issues we’re dealing with. Don’t put on the garment of sadness just because something is wrong or keep on talking about a particular issue till you’ve sucked out all the joy from yourself and people around you. The truth is no guy would be drawn to you, if you’re like that, and this might be as a result of low self-esteem so work on that, and let your personality “shine bright like a diamond!” And attract Mr Right.

10 You Are Waiting On GOD

God is not a delivery company, stop waiting for him to deliver your man to your doorstep, it doesn’t work like that. Yes trust God to bring your Husband to you, but remember faith without works is hopeless. Check proverbs 31 in the bible to see where you. So make sure you’re doing your part, before you start saying I’m waiting on God.