Surprising uses for cotton balls

Surprising uses for cotton balls

Cotton balls don’t usually make it out of the bathroom. We use them to remove nail polish and make-up, to help clean cuts and scrapes… but that’s about it. It’s too bad, because there are plenty of other fantastic uses for cotton balls. Check out some of them:

•Make the fridge smell nice. Just can’t get rid of that funky smell in the fridge? Dampen a cotton ball with some vanilla extract and place it on a shelf towards the back of the fridge.

•Combat mildew. All those nooks and crannies in the bathroom are prime spots for mildew — and, of course, can be difficult to reach. Soak cotton balls in bleach, place it in that hard-to-reach spot, and let it sit there for a couple of hours. Rinse with warm water and the spot will be good as new!

•Freshen up the room. Before you vacuum, place a cotton ball soaked in your favourite scent in the vacuum cleaner’s bag. The scent will be slowly released into the room.

•Protect rubber gloves. Your manicured nails may look fabulous, but they sure get in the way of doing the dishes! Don’t wreck another pair of rubber gloves. Instead, put some cotton balls in the tips of the gloves so your nails don’t tear them up.

•Prevent blister pain. So you got a blister from your new shoes, but you still want to wear them? Placing a cotton ball on the sore, and then securing it with a plaster, will help cushion your skin from further pain.

•Keep your purses smelling nice. Spritz a little perfume on a cotton ball and keep it in your purse. It’ll smell nice and fresh! Replace every one to two weeks.

•Ease a toothache. It’s 1a.m., and that toothache just won’t go away. If you can’t get to a dentist immediately, there are ways to remedy that. Cotton balls soaked in whiskey, vanilla extract or clove oil is the perfect remedy for a toothache. Soak the cotton ball in the alcohol, and apply directly to the affected area.


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