Home Made Facial Scrub


Hold on…did I mention that I’m addicted to everything natural? Ranging from lemon grass to lemons to limes to baking soda to EVERYTHING (click here and here to see my post on lemon grass and lime).

So today I’m back with a home made recipe for a facial scrub. I read online that sugar is really good when used on the face…and since I’ve been going through my pimple phase 🙁 and all my store bought evil facial washes and scrubs didn’t work, I had absolute faith that this concotion that I’m about to reveal to you would work…did I tell y’all I used garlic on my face as an acne stopper? I’ll review that later.

Anyhoo, this facial scrub recipe that I will deliver to you shortly will give you immediate results…and you can even make a whole batch and store in your fridge for regular use. Did I mention that it is also ridiculously cheap to prepare?…yes thank me later. 🙂

Yep, the great RECIPE: You’ll need the following

  • granulated sugar
  • honey
  • lemon

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So what you do is to mix all the afore mentioned together….the quantity of lemon juice will depend on the quantity of scrub you want to make…and when you notice your scrub getting runny…just add in more sugar to balance it off…there! my secret…well the secret of all those who love natural products and use google…hehehehehe…


After preparing it, you rub the scrub gently into your face and any other rough spots on your body and rinse immediately (I let mine sit because honey and lemon is really good for your skin, but most people recommend an immediate wash). After rinsing, your skin will feel very smooth and supple.

It is very important that everyone exfoliates with a scrub at least once a weak, in order to get rid of dead skin and embedded dirts that clog up pores and cause acne, blackheads and other skin disorders.

Try this recipe today!