A Lime a Day Keeps the Doctor Away



For as long as i can remember, I have been infatuated with limes…because they are so full of flavor, they are attractive, small and round, has a pleasant fragrance….I could go on and on, but today I want to discuss it’s health benefits and it has a truckload of benefits:

1) They are good for the digestive system

Limes/lemons will relieve us from uncomfortable wind and bloating. Try adding lemon or lime juice to a warm glass of water when you have heartburn or indigestion.

2) They help protect against cancer

Lemons and limes contain compounds called limonins, which research shows can help to fight cancers of the mouth, skin, lungs, breast and stomach. T).

3) They have antibiotic and antiseptic properties

Given that lemons and limes are very acidic, this makes them ideal for fighting certain infections.

4) They are good for cardiovascular health

Lemons and limes happen to contain a lot of vitamin C, so they will make you less likely to develop heart disease or diabetes (or slow the progression of either disease if you already suffer from it).

5) They can help tired feet

If your feet are aching and tired after a long day of walking or working, try mixing lemon juice with warm water to create a relaxing and refreshing bath for your feet. You can also try slicing a lemon or lime in half and then rubbing the slice against the sorest areas of your feet.


6) They help to protect against arthritis

Free radicals that find their way into the body can end up causing painful inflammation. Since vitamin C helps to fight these free radicals, eating lemons and limes may help to reduce inflammation in arthritic people (whether that arthritis is rheumatoid or osteoarthritis).

7) Lemon juice can help to prevent (and get rid of) kidney stones

Research has been conducted that proves lemon juice is capable of breaking down or preventing kidney stones. This is because lemon juice leads to the production of urinary citrate, which in turn prevents the formation of crystals.

8) They can help with weight loss

Drinking warm lime/lemon water can help curb your appetite and also helps to detoxify the system

9) They help maintain healthy blood pressure

It has been speculated that the potassium in lemons and limes can help to keep your blood pressure within healthy limits.

10) Lemon juice is great for your hair

It can help to treat scalp problems such as dandruff, and it also makes your hair brighter (as well as shinier).


11) They help to strengthen your immune system

The vitamin C in lemons/limes will help prevent you from falling ill as a result of viral and bacterial infections.

12) They are good for respiratory health

It is thought that lemons and limes can help to treat some of the respiratory symptoms that develop during cold or flu infections (such as persistent coughing and a sore throat). There is some speculation that they might also help to treat asthma, but this is contentious and requires substantial further research.

13) Helps to clear up acne, acne scars and dark patches

Applying lime juice straight on acne will help dry it up, since it limes have some antibiotic compounds, it also helps to clear up scars/dark patches and brings about a clean and clear complexion when applied on the skin.

So go get it babes, I know a lot of us are looking for ways to shed a bit of weight, lighten some dark spots etc etc…well here’s the seret! 🙂