Vinegar comes useful in the kitchen as well as in skincare. Here are ways in which vinegar can be used for our skin.

1. Add a small cup of vinegar to a bucket of water and take a bath with it. Vinegar added to the water helps in reducing body odor.

2. Add a small tablespoon of vinegar to your liquid body wash and wash your body wash and wash your body with it. It will make the body skin soft, supple and smooth.

3. Vinegar acts as an astringent for oily skin!Apply Vinegar mixed with water (half-and-half) to your face to reduce redness and thus making your face smooth and glowing

4. Sunburns can be treated with Vinegar very easily too! Vinegar maintains PH balance of the skin and cools it down.

5. Irritated mosquito bite! Insect ? Cuts? Vinegar can treat it all and cool them down! Vinegar helps to cure irritated skin.

6. Fungus problems on feet soak your feet in vinegar mixed with water to reduce smelly feet, removing fungus and other germs and thus making them glow

7. Scrub your feet with a pumice stone and soak your feet in Vinegar mixed with water. This helps in curing dry, cracked heels and makes them softer.

8. Dirty hands? Use you hand wash to remove germs and then wash with some vinegar and rinse with  cool water. This makes your hand soft and super clear. Vinegar for cleaning is a smart choice.Why not be twice as safe.

9. Wooden cutting boards: To disinfect and clean wipe them with undiluted white vinegar after each use.

10. Fruit Flies can be trapped by filling an old jar about halfway with Apple Cider Vinegar. Pole holes in the lid and place in the area where the fruit flies are.

11. Mix onion juice with Vinegar and apply to you age spots. Continuous use may lighten them and prevent further age spots from coming.This also for skin whitening an option.

12. Sinks and Bath Tubs can be thoroughly cleaned and shined, by scrubbing the bath with undiluted white vinegar. sinksRinse with cold water.bath tub