Sister, Behold Thyself…


This goes out to everyone, particularly the sisters…the baby okus who spend years lying in their pools of insecurity:

“You are beautiful, you are perfect

Your dream man is watching you

But he can’t love you

He won’t

Because he KNOWS

He knows in the dark recesses of your mind

That you sleep and clothe yourself in self-hate

He sees past your bitchiness

Past your filppancy

Past your pretty dresses

Past your “oh-so-perfect” up do

He can’t embrace you

He won’t come to you

Because he sees how you struggle to disassociate yourself from yourself…


What he need is for you 

Not to take a step towards him

But into yourself

Embrace yourself

Tell yourself, that you are beautiful, that you are light to those in darkness

That you are a beacon of perfection

Sister, behold thyself…….


He will BEHOLD you”