Plunging Necklines


As someone said there is a thin line between sexy and slutty… and that’s why I want to discuss plunging necklines today.

Personally, I hate the whole “cleavage-showing” dresses and tops that are actually quite popular in  fashion circles because it repulses me when people look down my top and view my chest like they are apples on display in a grocery store…I mean c’mon guys, be less obvious?!!! When I wear tops/dress that are made of some spandex and it keeps slipping down,  I end up pulling and tugging the whole day to ensure that even the littlest skin doesn’t show. To me plunging necklines are a fashions “no no”…I’d rather wear a shorter hemline than show my cleavage.

Below are some celebrities/regular people that have dared walk the thin line between slutty and sexy…can you spot the slutty? 🙂