Femi punched the calculator angrily, there had to be a mistake somewhere. He checked the files for the fifth time that day but this time he took his time, it was then he realised that the sales report belonging to one of the marketers was missing. How could he have missed that, he wondered. He picked up his office phone and dialed his secretary. “Halima, the sales reports you sent over are incomplete, do you still have any on your desk?”. “No sir,” Halima replied, her english was polished but for her hausa diction which was prominent. “That was all I received from the marketing department Sir.” “If that’s the case, make a call to the marketing manager, they have to sort these mess out.” “Yes sir.” He ended the call and was about to tidy his desk when his phone rang. It was Halima, had she found the missing report on her desk? Why could she be calling almost immediately? “Yes Halima” “Sir, I wanted to know if you want to have lunch in your office or if you’d rather head out for lunch break. ” Femi took a glance at the wall clock in his office,fifteen more minutes and it would be lunch break. “I will be going out for lunch, thanks Halima.” “Ok sir” Femi tidied up his desk , the marketing department had better find it, he didn’t want the management placing a query on him. He wondered who he knew in marketing, Sandra was in the marketing department, as he thought of Sandra, he couldn’t help but smile. He liked the girl, maybe he would ask her out to lunch and ask her out on subsequent dates. Being a bachelor wasn’t fascinating anymore. What if Sandra was the one for him? His elder brother Tope was married with kids, Titi was married too, even Kayode who was just 23 had brought his fiance home. His cousins Nifemi and Dare aged 29 and 22 respectively were married, the only single people in the family were Gbenga, Damilola the last child of his parents and himself. There was every possibility that Dami had a boyfriend, she was a beautiful girl and 19 for crying out loud, he wanted out of bachelorhood. He did not want to be in the same classification with Gbenga, the guy’s life was totally reckless. He picked his phone and tried to call sandra, the computerised voice informed him that the number dialed was busy, he would spare a few minutes before calling again. —————— Sandra gulped the water from her glass cup, she was tired and needed a break. She took out her make-up kit from her bag and did some light magic on her face, she was in a good mood, who wouldn’t be? She had just spoken to the love of her life and he was coming to take her out for lunch. She had been dating Fola for the past one year and she was anticipating the day he would pop the question, she took out her purse and was smoothening her dress when her phone rang. She smiled when she saw the caller, she had enjoyed their conversation yesterday, even though her instincts told her the guy wanted to be more than friends. She loved Fola and Femi was always going to be in the friend zone, she hoped her instincts were wrond, she did not want to lead the guy on for nothing. She answered the call, “Hello, please who I’m I speaking with?” There was a pause, Sandra gave a broad grin, she was going to taunt him today, he had teased her yesterday while enjoying himself, the tables had turned. Femi stared at his phone in his hands while the timer kept counting. Did she delete his contact? He spoke to her only yesterday, why would she delete his contact? He grinned as understanding dawned on him, if she was pulling a prank, he would play along and beat her to it. “Hello,” he replied, “Please, I want to speak with Mr. Fine Girls Too Dey Form.” Sandra nearly burst into laughter but put her self in check, ‘FineGirlsTooDeyForm’, she shook her head. Femi had caught her prank and was playing along. “I’m sorry but I believe you dialed the wrong number.” “Well I’m sorry to burst your bubble but this is the correct number.” “And what makes you so sure about that?” “I’m sure because the mister in question gave me this number and told me a beauty with an angelic voice would answer my call.” “Really?” she asked feigning innocence. “Yes, and the voice I hear now is even more lovely than I anticipated.” Sandra giggled and was about to reply him when her other phone rang, Fola was calling which meant he was in the premises. “Uhm, Femi oooo, you won’t kill me with your sweet tongue, I’m sorry but I have to go now.” “Sandra, please hold on. I was wondering if you could have lunch with me” He spoke rather quickly. Sandra heaved a sigh, she had confirmed her doubts, Femi wanted to be more than friends and that couldn’t be possible. “Hello, are you still there?” Femi asked, he was confused as to why she was delaying her response. “Yes I am and I’m sorry but I’ll pass, something important came up.” “Hmmmm, ok then. But maybe next time.” “Yeah, maybe” she replied ensuring that she stressed the maybe. Culled from STEFIKAL’S BLOG Follow us on Twitter @babyoku. Also Like our Facebook page.