Omoye looked at her father who had been playing with Victor ever since he woke up. She could not help the smile of content and happiness that crept upon her face as son and grandson showed affection to each other.

Her phone vibrated, she picked it up to discover it was a message from the service provider, she deleted it immediately and saw the last message Osagie had sent her hours ago.

The urge to be in his arms increased dramatically. She had packed her bags, she decided she would wait for about two hours before leaving. Who would have thought things would end up this way?

She had spent time with her mum, reconciled with her father, met her playmate; something she had never planned to happen, she had a man who she loved and who loved her back, a beautiful son who called her mother.

What more was she looking for? She had been confused on how to tackle the issue with Osagie, but her mother had advised her to ask all she was dying to know. ‘Knowledge is power’ her mother had emphasised, if Omoye knew about the lady Osagie had dated in Lagos, it would be for the best rather than finding out later from someone else.

“Omo!” she turned towards her father who was smiling at her, “I called your name twice, you must have been thinking deeply.”
“Yes, what is it?” she asked while returning the smile.

“His name is Victor?” more of a confirmation rather than a question.
“Yes,” she replied.
Victor Snr. Smiled, so his daughter had named his grandson after him despite the fact that they had not been in good terms.

He saw the bags that were packed and kept by the corner of the bed,
“Did you just arrive today?” he asked.
“No, on the contrary I’m leaving today.”

He wore a frown, he was obviously expecting her to stay longer, he wanted to ask her about the father of her son but thought against it.

The important thing was that he had his daughter back.


Why was Tinu calling all of a sudden? Should she pick? They were just approaching the lagoon front and Ore was still in the dark about the issue, on the other hand if she did not pick, Ore would begin to worry himself to death.

Ore looked at Dami, he did not know who was calling and the conversations he heard gave no clue.

“Hello,” she paused.
“Yes, I’ll be free tomorrow.” she replied while nodding unconsciously
“Okay, alright bye.”

Dami ended the call and tried to hide the confused look on her face, why did Tinu want to see her suddenly claiming she had to explain things to her? First Evelyn wanted them to meet, now Tinu. Something was really up.

“What’s wrong?” Ore asked.
“Its part of what I’ll explain to you,” she sighed, she had failed to mask the confused look on her face.
“Okay,” he replied, at least they were almost approaching their destination, he would finally get to the bottom of this.


Evelyn unlocked her phone, so Dami was delaying in giving her a response despite the fact that she had used a polite approach.
No matter how stubborn she proved she was going to see her today. She had come this far and there was no way she was going to back down.

If Dami kept being stubborn she would involve her family, she knew Dami had never mentioned the scandals that happened in the past to her family.

She was sure of this because she had met her cousin Dare sometime ago and the dude had been calm, if he knew what she had done to Dami. He ought to have reacted, right?

She had arrived the University of Lagos about thirty minutes ago and was just waiting a bit before she switched to her attack mode.

If Dami did not reply her in the next one hour, she would call her. If she still proved stubborn, she would then pay her a surprise visit.

She had been able to get her room number and hall residence from someone who knew them back in secondary school, the game was in Dami’s hands now.

If she played rough she would bite her rough, if she played cool she would respond likewise.
She knew the University of Lagos surroundings, she once had a friend who lived in the staff quarters years ago. She had been sitting in front of the library for a while now but wanted to change location.

She did not like the signals she was getting from a guy standing some distance from her.
She cursed silently at him, who was he trying to impress?

She stood and walked to the Lagoon front, it would be better to get fresh air while waiting for her next line of action. She sat on an isolated portion and was replying the pings she had on her phone.

How long was she going to wait? She checked the time on her phone, she decided to give Dami thirty more minutes before calling the silly girl.

A couple approaching her direction caught her attention, she smiled, talk about being lucky.
She could swear that was Dami with a scrawny fellow, she shook her head, so of all guys in her school it was a guy like this she got.

She stood up and placed her hands in her jean pockets.

As far as she knew the game had just gotten interesting.

Sandra hung up and slumped on her chair with tears all over her face, she had lost her mum years back and had always prayed to have a good mother-in-law whom she could call mother, she did not even get to meet Fola’s mother even if it were once.

She tried to imagine what Fola was going through, he was going through pains and she had been bearing grudges all the while.

What sort of a person was she?
She had smeared her makeup as a result of the tears that flowed incessantly. She took out her face towel and cleaned her face but that did nothing to stop the tears from flowing. Did this mean that their future kids would have no grandmothers not on the maternal or the paternal side.

She wished she could be with Fola in Benin, to stay with him and comfort him, maybe she would pay him a visit she thought.

She had not even bothered to ask about the burial arrangements or her time of death, she had been in shock and had simply ended the call.

Even if she did not meet her future mother-in-law while she was alive, she knew that there was nothing bad in paying homage to the dead.


Princess came out of the toilet to see Chuks lying on the sofa in the sitting room with his arms crossed over his chest.

She walked towards him and pinched him slightly on his arms.
“What are you thinking about?” she asked.

Standing above him gave her the chance to look and study his facial expression again.
His eyes still appeared misty, what could possibly be wrong?

“Chuks?” she called, he was yet to give her an answer.
“hmmmm,” he sighed and sat up, “a man has to think, you know,” he replied while signalling her to seat beside him.

She sat and held his hands, “so what could you possibly be thinking about?”
“many things, I don’t have a job,” he tried to force a smile, a smile which Princess returned to encourage him.

“The way I live my life with women, I sometimes wonder if I’d ever get married.” he continued.
Princess looked at her brother and hugged him, at least he was worried about the future. She did not see herself getting married to anyone in years to come but her brother’s attitude towards female folks had secretly been a source of worry, their parents deserved grandchildren, did they not?

“The best job is coming, just be patient. About women, you can always change Chuks,” she said.
“Its hard, the women in this present world are not helping matters.”
“Quit with the generalisation Chuks, you’ll find love someday,” she advised. The advise sounded weird even as it came out of her lips, she was not praying to find love, she dreaded the day she would be hit by cupid.

She really prayed for such a day not to come, how ironic that she was encouraging her brother on matters that affect the heart.
Chuks nodded, truly he knew that his generalisation was wrong.

At least one lady had been able to prove that to him, the face that had refused to leave his dreams for the past six years.


Fola hanged his singlet on the wooden chair in front of the table, the room suddenly appeared hot.
He was losing it, why was he beating around the bush?

He did not know what prompted him to tell Sandra about his mother’s death, an event that had occured about two decades ago. The words had just flown out of his mouth before he could stop them, he had heard Sandra’s sobs before she ended the call.

He was confused, confusion was even an understatement to describe how he felt at that point, he was yet to explain things to Omoye. He was scared on how she would react when she heard about what he did to Sandra.

He knew Omoye was very emotional and would be upset with him if she found out, but that would not stop him from telling her all he had to say, she had a right to know.

And now Sandra still believed he was the one for her, he had deliberately refused to call her and had been using that time to think of a reasonable solution.
But there had been no solution from his clogged head, the money he received from her was still untouched in his bank account.

It could come in handy, he wanted to ask Omoye’s hand in marriage in the proper way, that would require money.

Initially the plan had been to get money to start up a business so as to survive in the thriving economy but now he was confused.
He did not only cheat on Sandra, he duped her and hurt her as well.
How would he break up with her?

The distance was another hindrance, he did not want to announce their break up on the phone.

How was he going to come out of this mess he had gotten himself into? He took a thick paperback and fanned himself, the weather was undeniably hot but the truth was his brain was hotter from overthinking things.

The text message that arrived on his phone at that moment increased the heat in the room.

*Baby, am sorry bout evrytn, God will tk charge.
Send me ur address, am comin ova. Wen is d burial?
Luv u.

At that point, he suddenly wish he were dead.


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