Femi was dressed already, he had no tracksuit and was simply wearing a sweatshirt on knee length shorts. Chuks had told him to prepare before six am, he was ten minutes earlier.

He could not state the reason behind his eagerness to go to the gym, was it because he was going to start working out like other guys did? Or could it be that he was anticipating to meet Princess again?

He assured himself he did not like her in an intimate way, he simply saw her as a puzzle he wanted to solve, he just wanted to be friend with her and really get to know her.

At least by the end of his official leave, he would be able to boast of having a new friend, a tomboy at that.
When would Chuks arrive? He could go upstairs to call them or he could wait for them to come get him, he weighed both options, he would rather wait for them.

About three minutes later he heard a knock on his door, he opened the door to see Chuks dressed in a tracksuit and carrying a bag, the guy was all set but Femi was disappointed.

He was expecting Princess to go to the gym as well.
“Good morning,” he greeted Chuks, the fact that he did not see her did not rule out the chances of them meeting later, did it?
“Morning,” Chuks replied with his hands extended for a shake, “You are ready, bah?”

“Yeah,” he came out and locked his door, “Is your sister not going?” Shiit! Why did he have to ask that question? What if Chuks read another meaning to the question?

“Its a guy thing today oh,” Chuks replied.
They both came out of the building and Femi was surprised to see Princess standing outside the gate.

“Good morning,” she greeted.
“Good morning,” he replied while facing Chuks who was already laughing.
“I was pulling your legs jawe,” Chuks replied.

They all left their street, since Femi had no idea where they were headed, he simply followed, they discussed on issues ranging from the security in their locality to the power supply before Femi asked Princess about her schooling.

Before they got to the entrance of the gym, he had discovered few things about her. She was a final year student studying Accounting in the university of Ibadan, she was the last child of her parents while Chuks was the second child.

Although he was curious to know about her dress sense, he never bothered to ask. It suddenly did not seem important anymore, he enjoyed the little chats they had on the way to the gym.
She spoke with such intelligence that made him wonder if she had acquired the skill of carefully picking her words before spilling them out of her pretty mouth.

The distance to the gym suddenly appeared short, he did not even notice they had gotten to the gym.
At that point he knew if he was given the options to either work out in the gym or continue to gist with Princess, he would choose the latter.

He was assured this friendship would be a rewarding one.


Omoye lay on the bed listening to 97.3 vibes fm, she smiled on recalling the events of yesterday. Who would have thought she would ever hear from Bose again? She had not expected to see anybody in the room after she finished washing clothes much less Bose.

Bose was her playmate right from her childhood days, they had been so close but things had changed when Omoye got pregnant and left the neighbourhood.

Bose claimed to have just returned from Abuja and was running an errand for her mother. Bose’s mother had given her a parcel to give to Omoye’s mother, Bose had then come into the room to see a young kid sleeping on the floor.

Both girls had been shocked to see each other and had locked themselves in a tight hug, they had continued to gist and catch up on lost time.

Bose was now a doctor, Omoye had almost fell bad on realising that she had thrown away the chance she had as a teenager to be successful.
But Bose had quickly corrected her, reminding her that success was not measured by your educational background alone. She had advised her to register for adult education classes and work toward expanding her tailoring business.

She had learnt that Bose was married to an edo man and had a young daughter. It sounded funny to both of them because while growing up they had always made promises that nothing would make them date an edo man much less marry him.

Ironically Bose was married to one and she on the otherhand had an edo man as her man, the only difference however was that she was not yet legally married to Osagie. Well she had confidence that very soon people would no longer see her as a baby mama.
Osagie had spoken to her thrice yesterday and had even called her early this morning. He was acting as if he was on a mission to win her heart again, if only he knew how much he had already trapped her heart in his palms.

She only wished she would be able to walk her way back into her father’s heart, she yearned for his forgiveness and love.

She hoped their meeting would be a happy reunion and not a sad one. She hoped their meeting would be a happy reunion and not a sad one.

After having a cold bath, he had made breakfast and spoken to maami and Titi on the phone, he would try to visit her even if it was for two days.

She could put to bed anytime soon, he had asked maami the last time she spoke to the baby of the house Dami, maami had assured him that Dami was doing fine in school.

After ending the call, he made a mental note to call Dami before the end of the day. He had not spoken to her in a while now.
He was still figuring how the rest of his day would go, he could hang out with Chuks and Princess, but he had no clue as to how their schedule was. Moreover he would not want to be tagged a handbag.

He heard a knock on his door, who was he expecting?
He opened the door to find someone he was totally not expecting.

The day sure had a lot of surprises in stock for him.


Sandra hit her hand on the steering wheel, was she hitting things out of frustration, worry, or confusion? Being stuck in traffic was not even helping her to clear her head, she had been so busy at work yesterday and had not been able to call Fola.

The projects she was working on were demanding her time and energy, she had rounded off with office work a little too late only to discover her phone had been switched off as the battery ran out.

She had hurriedly charged her phone on getting home just to be disappointed that Fola had not even called her or sent a text, even if it was once.

What was really happening? She had made up her mind not to call him, but now that she thought of it, was she not being proud?

What if Fola was in a deep mess and here she was bearing unnecessary grudges.
She would get to the office and call him, she hoped all was well with his mum, she was anticipating the day she would meet her future mother-in-law.

She smiled as she thought of it, Fola was still struggling but it was only a matter of time before things would be fine.
He would propose to her in the most romantic setting possible, too many movies were making her picture it in different cheesy ways.

Would he sing to her while proposing? Or would he attach the ring to his mouth while kissing her?

She smiled at her silly imaginations, the car behind hers honked loudly and that was when she realised the traffic had moved.
As if her daydreaming was only beginning, the radio station she had been listening to started playing ‘One naira’ by M.I feat Waje.

She sang along increasing her voice when she got to the chorus,

“Whether na one naira
Whether na one million
Baby you got me
Baby you got me
You’re the only one that I see, that I see
Mu na gi ga wu garri
Whether or not you get money
I’ll stay with you if you’ll stay with me.”

She was going to stick to her man in trying times and in sweet times, wasn’t that what love was all about?


The noisy chatter of students trooping out of the lecture hall would make one wonder if there was a riot in a market, the BCH247 lecturer who hardly came for her classes had made a surprising appearance that morning and had even claimed she had wonderful tidings for the class.

Everyone had been keen to hear what the news was, maybe she would be giving them the AOC(Area Of Concentration) for the exams since she hardly came for classes, or she would eventually recommend the textbooks that would help them.

They had been disappointed when she released an impromtu test for the entire class based on her last lecture which was three weeks ago, so many students had even forgotten the topic treated only to be served hot breakfast that required racking of their lazy brains.

Their protests however was unnecessary as the lecturer had taken the answer scripts back to her office for marking while wishing them a lovely day.

Dami sat with Ore and some of their colleagues, they were discussing on the test. Ore had even claimed that he dreamt about the class having a test but had not expected the test from a course that was taught once in a blue moon.

They had solved the questions together which each person trying to prove why his or her own method was more correct, other cliques were equally seen deliberating on the test answers.

While most students had exited the hall, it was in the midst of the discussion that Ore noticed Dami had withdrawn into her shell after looking at her phone.

He did not know what was behind her change in mien.
However Dami on the other hand had received a text from Evelyn,
the content of the text was:

*Dami, please can we meet?
I’m truly sorry but we need to talk. Evelyn

She found it strange that Evelyn sounded cool, there was no way she was going to call her back.
She would not play the silly role in any silly game Evelyn had to offer.


She was asleep when she felt a light tap on her arms, she was too tired to respond the person.

She turned and made to sleep while facing the other side when she received a more painful smack on her shoulders.

That was all it took for her to awaken from her slumber……………………….TO BE CONTINUED


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