Are you busy?
She looked at the text again, what was it with everyone playing the mystery card. She had no idea who the person was, it certainly was not Evelyn, was Ore at it again?

She dialled the number,
“Hello, please who is this?” she tried to sound as polite as possible.
“Must you waste your credit?” the person replied.

Huh? And the person even had the audacity to use a rude tone.
“Who are you? I just got your text now,” she was infuriated.
“Madam, calm down joor. Instead of you to reply with a simple yes or no, you are speaking unnecessary english.”

Tinu? Crazy Tinu had finally called her, Dami made a funny dance on her chair.
“Tinu” she shouted into the phone, “na wa”
Tinu laughed, “you get credit wella oh, anyhow shaaa are you busy?”

Dami looked at the material she had been reading for over thirty minutes, she was actually busy but it was not everyday you got to see Tinu around.

“I’m not busy oh,” she replied.
“Come to that ugly structure in your school, I’m waiting there.” Tinu informed.
“Ugly structure?” Dami asked. What could Tinu be referring to as ugly structure?

She heard Tinu talking to somebody in the background, “Okay they said the place is called amphitheatre. Be fast oh.”
Dami shook her head, so the amphitheatre was the ugly structure, “On my way Ma’am,” she replied.

She hung up and closed her books, Tinu had not replied her on facebook so she had not expected her call, including her contact in the message she sent was not a bad idea afterall.

She got to the amphitheatre and saw Tinu sitting by a corner.
“Tinu,” she called out while walking towards her direction.
“That was fast,” Tinu replied, she obviously was expecting her to waste so much time.
“I told you I was not really busy now,” Dami replied. Was there time for all these greetings, she had better go straight to the point.

“I got your message,” Tinu replied, Dami sighed, thank God she was doing justice to the topic.
“So do you have her contact?” she asked.
“Evelyn’s? No ooo,” Dami replied.
“But you claimed she sent you a friend request,” Tinu questioned.
“I didn’t accept it now, what’s the point?” Dami replied, why would she even consider accepting the friend request?

“Now we don’t have her contact, having her contact would have made things way easier, but don’t worry I’ll get that myself.” Tinu stood up and brushed her jeans at the back region.

“Are we done?” Dami asked.
“Yes now, actually there is this babe that is fronting for me…” she was saying, Dami did not hear the rest. She did not want any crazy assignment again.

Tinu must have sensed her discomfort, “don’t worry, I’m not sending you to do anything. I’ll see you later”
“Tinu wait,” Dami said, “please, you never got to tell me how you handled Evelyn the last time.”

“You wan hear tory?” she looked at her wristwatch, “shey you’ll pay for this shaaa?” she asked with a playful tone.
“I’ll try to be brief as possible, sit down,” she instructed while settling beside Dami, “see, my mum and Evelyn’s mum were once lovers. When the entire school believed both of you were dating, I did not believe it, which was why I helped you.”

“There was no much issue, Evelyn got her mum to pester you into the relationship, I got my mum on my side claiming that I liked you and Evelyn was an opposition. When they realised it would cause an issue, they instructed us to back off.” Tinu sighed, “It was nothing much, maybe she realised that I’m no longer close to you and then chose to strike again.”

“Wow! Your mum and her mum?” Dami asked, unbelief was clearly written on her face. Why would fully grown women be involved in acts like that?

“But why are you helping me?” she probed further.
“I don’t know, its strange despite the fact that you are a very pretty girl I’m not attracted to you. I simply see you as my younger sister.”

“Younger?” Dami spoke out, were they not age mates? “how old are you sef?”
“see you, so you think I’m a small girl like you. I’m twenty one years old oh and you are just nineteen.”

“Thank you, please if you can talk to her like you guys did the last time. Beg her to leave me alone.” Dami said while standing up, the discussion was obviously over.
“I’m going to the faculty of social sciences, where is the place?” Tinu asked.

“I’ll show you when we get there, but I’m not following you oh.”
They both walked towards newhall,
“so do you have a boyfriend now?” Tinu asked.
“No oh, I don’t have time for them Big sister,” Dami teased.

“Na so, so you are claiming that these silly unilag boys are not servicing your engine yet.” she said, two guys who walked past them turned to look at Dami.
“God! You are so blunt with your words, anyway this is the way to get to social sciences. I’ll call you later. Thank you” she said and crossed to the other side.

Tinu walked on towards her destination, she felt pity for Dami, even though she had told her the truth, she had made several omissions.

Facts that should not have been omitted.

Evelyn paced around her room, out of frustration she removed the wig on her head, school was resuming in two weeks time which gave her a deadline to finalise and succeed with her plans.

She would have to return back to Ghana where she was studying afterwards. She had met Yvonne in the university of Cape coast during their first year. They had started off as friends before eventually becoming lovers, Evelyn knew what she felt for Yvonne was way stronger than the crush she had on Dami years back.

They had returned to Nigeria together for their semester break, the trouble had then started when Evelyn attended a birthday bash with Yvonne, Yvonne had been drinking throughout the party and hours later Evelyn had caught her girlfriend making out with a stranger by the garden outside the house.

She had been pissed but her anger had surged higher when she discovered Tinu was the culprit, she was mad at Yvonne, why would she choose to consume alcohol when she knew the way her body reacted to it?

Tinu had taken away the chance she had with Dami years ago and now had made her feel silly by having a go with Yvonne.

When Tinu had confessed to having feelings for Dami, she did not believe the story at first but afterwards she had believed it.
What other explanation could there be to justify the fact that Tinu claimed Dami? Tinu was a bad girl, why would she appear from nowhere and claim to love Dami the good girl? Itjust did not make sense and they had suddenly become quite close till Evelyn left the school.

That was when she had masterminded the plan to get back at Tinu by sleeping with Dami, if Yvonne found out she would be angry but that would be her own punishment for drinking and losing control.

Her first task had been to find Dami’s school, she had been lucky to get Dami’s contact easily. When she discovered that Tinu and Dami were not friends on facebook, she knew they were not an item. It was either they were once an item or they were no longer an item.

She had tried to find out if Tinu had a girlfriend but had been disappointed that the girl was not in a relationship, if there had been a new girl she would have trashed out the chase on Dami and focus on Tinu’s girlfriend just to hurt Tinu.

But Dami was the only sweet option left, she would pay Dami in her own coin for turning her down in the past and she would spite Tinu by eventually sleeping with Dami. Talk about laughing last and laughing best.

She had felt like a genius while cooking up the idea but with the situation of things presently she was not sure if she was really a genius.

Dami had not even accepted her friend request on facebook, she had made a wrong move when she called her the first time.

What was she thinking by making a love declaration over the first phone call? She should have started by asking for forgiveness and then walking her way up into Dami’s heart and then she would ensure that every other thing fell into place.

Her revenge mission on Dami and Tinu had to be accomplished before she returned back to Ghana.
The plan was only going to hurt Dami, her subconscious had informed but she had shut her ears to whatever it had to suggest. If Tinu got to know that she eventually had her way with Dami, the girl would feel defeated.

What other way to prove that she was the Boss in the game?
She received a ping from Philip, Philip was Yvonne’s elder brother. He was in support of their relationship even though he was as straight as a pole.

Philip: What’s up wit you and my sis?
Evelyn: she messed up, big time!
Philip: she said she was drunk, and you refused to forgive heranyway she asked me to beg on her behalf. Plz 4give her.
Evelyn: big bro ryt?we’ll settle it later, just leave her to me.
Philip: alright, trust you tho! Yvonne can be childish u know.
Evelyn: Tell me sth I don’t know, how r u?
Philip: doing good, plz no offense but ttyl.
Evelyn: Ok, no props, bye.

She dropped the phone on the table and continued her walk around the room, standing and walking around like this gave her the leverage to think things through.

She knew Tinu was a cultist who appeared calm on the outside but could be deadly if situations required, she was not worried about that anyway, as long as her mother was still in good terms with Tinu’s mother, then there was absolutely nothing to worry about.

She stood in front of the medium sized mirror hanging on the wall in her room.
“I’m not wicked, am I?” she asked her reflection in the mirror.
“No you are not, you are just having fun.” she replied herself with a smirk on her face.

Nothing would stop her from having this fun, the fun of punishing Dami and Tinu………….TO BE CONTINUED


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