Omoye knew? How? When? He did not know if he was asking himself or confirming it, how could she know about Sandra? he had done a good job of covering his tracks, was that why Omoye had behaved strangely before totally avoiding him?

Now this was more messed up than he thought, he had wronged two women at the same time. He had cheated on Omoye all in the name of getting a better life for them and he had hurt Sandra who had truly loved him, a love he had never and could never reciprocate.

If Omoye was not with Rosie, and he knew she did not have the money to afford another apartment, there was only one place she could be.

That was the only option left in his head, he had thought about where she could be and their was only one available option which screamed out to be noticed.

Her parents house.


The following day she had discreetly informed Evelyn to see her at home, there was a lot to discuss and the last thing she wanted was to be close to her in school. The wagging tongues of her colleagues and schoolmates had refused to stop talking, even some teachers were giving her looks that spoke volumes.

She had gotten home and Evelyn had arrived about ten minutes later, her parents were not around and her siblings were equally not around, her cousin Dare whom she had met at home had left to run an errand.

It was the perfect period to trash the issue with Evelyn.
“Dami, you just avoided me in class and ordered me to come to your place, thats not nice oh,” Evelyn replied while dropping her bag on the lovechair in Dami’s sitting room.

Dami looked at her supposed best friend, she did not know how to start the discussion, a part of her wanted to yell and curse at Evelyn while the civil part of her wanted to hear Evelyn cook some lies in her defence.

She allowed the civil part to win,
“Evelyn, where were you yesterday after free period?”
“The year tutor called me, I had to run home for something. Family wahala.” she said while tearing the nylon of tomtom, “Is that what you called me for? After avoiding me the whole day, ehn?”
Dami felt like slapping her and saying, ‘you’ve ruined my reputation with your silly antics and lies’, probably drag her hair which was weaved into a shuku but she knew if she treaded that part, she would not stop until she taught the girl a bitter lesson, the injuries she would inflict on Evelyn would be a gruesome sight.

She would just pretend to be calm, even though she was not any thing close to being calm, “so what happened between you and Emeka?” she asked while trying to sound as calm as possible, thank God for all the motivational books aunty Titi and brother Dare had given her to read. She was actually keeping her anger in check.

“Who is Emeka?” Evelyn asked feigning innocence.
What? Did she just ask her that question? See this girl oh, despite the fact that she was trying to be calm about the whole thing, she still had the guts to pretend and lie.

The too many lies and pretenses pushed Dami to her breaking point.

“Evelyn, you’re wicked, ehn, so now you don’t know Emeka abii… Aarggghhh,” she yelled, Evelyn threw the tomtom in her mouth and stood up, “after you told me that you are not a lesbian, you then went and told Emeka I’m your girlfriend, the whole school believes that, if my family hears it, I’m doomed. I hate you, yes I know its not good to hate but I hate you and don’t ever in your miserable life talk to me again or come close to me.”

Evelyn started crying, Dami looked at her, was fake tears her next option? “Don’t even bother faking those tears cause they won’t work.” she informed, “leave my house now.”

“Dami, how can you hate me? Since you want to know the truth I like you, yes I like you. The pen I gave you was the last gift I received from my father before he left me and my mum. But I gave it to you, I did so many other things for you because I like you, is it my fault that I like you so much.” she said while still crying, “I tried not to like you but it did not work.”

“Hey! Just save it, I don’t need any of your theories, God forbid that I’ll like you in that way. You cease to be my friend from today, just get out.” Dami yelled, was this a nightmare or something.
But instead of leaving the room, Evelyn pounced on her and made to kiss Dami by force, it was more like a fight, Dami felt the tongue that was trying to intrude into her mouth region, she had never felt so irritated and disgusted in her entire life.

She fought with every ounce of her being, there was no way she would get her first kiss from a teenager whose hormones were proving problematic.

Evelyn on the other hand fought, she had to kiss Dami whether she liked it or not, they kept on fighting each other with each person determined to win the struggle.

The sound of the door opening was the only force that was able to separate them from their entanglement.


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