“Oga we don reach,” the passenger seating beside Osagie woke him up.
He woke and joined the other passengers alighting from the bus.
He took a bike that would lead him to his house.

The red coloured sand on the roads were not helping his ride on the bike as his clothes were bent on changing their colours. When the okada rider passed by the government primary school Victor attended, he noticed the changes in the school. The government had changed the gates, painted the school walls brown and yellow, with flowers planted outside the school gate.

He prayed Victor was still doing well in school, he would play with his son when school was over, he probably would come pick him from school. His goal now was to get home and settle whatever scores he had with Omoye.

“Oga, just drop me here. He don do,” he said to the okada rider.
The man parked his bike while Osagie got down, he paid his bill and walked into his compound. He looked around his compound with trepidation, something was not right? He wondered what it could be, usually his neighbours sat outside. There was no way one would enter the compound to find it isolated, had the landlady evacuated all the tenants?

He looked at the area where the clothesline was, the line was filled with clothes. He felt relaxed, if there were clothes on the clothesline, that meant the compound was not isolated as he initially thought.

He knocked on his door, on getting no response he concluded that Omoye had gone to her tailoring shop. He brought out his key from his bag and unlocked the door.

Were they robbed? Had the landlady eventually carried out her threat of chasing everybody out? These were some of the questions he pondered on as he unlocked the door, he knew something was wrong from the almost empty room he met.


Princess lay on her bed, the colours of her bedspread were grey with black triangles embedded in the design. She knew it was a weird colour for a girl.

But it was her decision, she wanted to delete anything that reminded her of being a girl, but there was one thing left, she stood and walked towards the standing mirror in her room. Her mum had gotten her the mirror on her eighteenth birthday, she had claimed a woman needs a mirror that can show you who you are, your beauty and your flaws.

Her mum had kept on ranting about the importance of a mirror while Kenny had spent almost two hours checking herself out in front of the mirror. The girl had even got unclad claiming she wanted to see how curvy she was.

Princess hissed, how come she never really knew who Kenny truly was, she mistook her as an angel but learnt the hard way that she was a wolf in sheep clothing.
She brought her mind back to the issue at her hand, she could not discard the mirror since it was her mum’s gift to her. Even if Kenny had damaged her girly nature, she would not give her the honour of damaging the bond she shared with her mum.

However the coloured stickers she stuck to the mirror could be eliminated, she tore off a pink sticker of Hannah Montana, it came out after great difficulty but left a white patch on the mirror.

If she continued to remove the stickers, the mirror would have white patches all over and that would give a gruesome sight.
She walked back to her bed and sat on it, she missed her gowns, blouses, pants, skirts, heels. Her mum had packed them into her room when Princess had insisted on burning them. Looking back, she was glad she did not destroy them.

She sighed, her life would not have been messed up. But it was all thanks to Kenny her supposed best friend and Princewill her first love.


Femi rearranged the folders in his office, he had to round off with whatever work he had left. He had filled the form and sent it back to the manager.

He would miss his office, his male pals, Sandra even though he had avoided her like a plague ever since he saw her making out with her boyfriend in the office. Halima was equally on the list, the girl was just a wonderful secretary, in the past secretaries that had been assigned to him were not as efficient as Halima was.

He had informed her of his supposed absence from work starting from tomorrow. She had panicked initially wanting to know if something was wrong since she knew of his meeting with the manager, but he had calmed her fears by explaining to her that he was going for his leave which was long overdue.

Halima was glad, even though she still had to report for duty, her work load would reduce.
Starting from tomorrow, his journey into boredom would begin. If only he knew what lay ahead of him. TO BE CONTINUED………..

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