EYELINERS: The pencil is one of the most popular forms of eyeliner. They are available in every color of the rainbow and in metallic, matte and satin finishes. when sharpened they are easy to apply and make a clean line which is easy to correct. A new trend which makeup artists today is producing kohl pencils with softer leads which are gentle on the eyes and can give an awesome smoky eye effect.


Black Pencil: It should be used in the inner rim of the eye, which will make it smaller and more sultry. Women with real small eyes should not line their inner eye rim else they would look smaller.


White Pencil: Used in the inner rim opens up the eyes , reduces appearance of redness and makes eyes appear more bright and alert. Waterproof eyeliners should not be used on the inner rim of the eyes.


Liquid Eyeliner: A wet , almost ink-like liner, these can be applied using a brush or often come packaged with a wand or soft, pen-like nib. They range in size from very thin brushes that create fine lines to thicker, wider brushes that create a more striking , eyeliner effect. Liquid eyeliners can take a minute or so to dry and any movement while wet can cause a smudge . They can be tricky to use and mistakes are often messy to correct but, once dry, your liner is set all day (or night). Liquid eyeliners tend to have a shiny finish once dry.


Gel Eyeliners: As the name implies, these gels have a soft , gel-like texture and need a brush to apply. Then dry reasonably quickly , but can also be moved or smudged. When almost dry they give an eyeshadow effect , but with more staying power. They are less messy than their liquid counterparts and by using a fine brush you can create really precise lines.


Cake Eyeliners: A flat, pressed powder , cake eyeliner is used with a wet brush to create a bold line. This can intensify the lashes or “smoky eye” look. If the pigment is not strong enough, the eyeliner will not be as striking. A thin , flat brush or angled brush is essential. Makeup artists sometimes expand on the idea to create an eyeliner using a highly pigmented powder or eyeshadow and a wet brush dipped in a mixing medium or water.