Thank God its Friday! So all you Abaya rocking babyoku’s what are you wearing this Friday?

Don’t you just love this lady’s outfits . This lovely lady is called Basma Kalie, i am loving her Abaya Fashion Style . This lady sure knows how to rock her Abaya , makeup and jewelry,  what i really do like about her style is the way she ties her Abaya. To get your Abaya look like hers you need to understand her technique of wrapping it round your head correctly.

Below are some tips on how you babyoku’s  can get your Abaya looking BASMALICIOUS!

1. Fold the corner of the scarf to make it look like a triangle.

2. Place the corner end of your head.

3. Hold both ends (make sure one end is longer than the other).

4. Bring the longer end round your head (not too tight).

5. Then wrap the longer end around your neck or leave it hanging on the side .

6. Place pins where needed.



culled from Basma’s collections