1.Once a month , give your body a really deep exfoliation. Apply body scrub directly onto dry skin before you even get into the shower. It’ll work far more effectively when it’s undiluted by water.


2.You can also try this ( my fav. exfo routine) :Mix two tablespoons of dry oatmeal with one tablespoon of natural yoghurt and a little honey. Apply to your face and leave for ten minutes. Wash off to reveal softer, smoother skin.

3. For those who often have puffy eyes and dark circle and you need to makeup to get out. Its best to avoid black eyeliner and black mascara on your lower eyelashes , for it would draw attention to the are. Instead, use a clear mascara for definition.


4.After you’vefinished your makeup , spritz a little toner over your cheeks – it will give you a glow and also help set your foundation.